Saturday, January 5, 2008

Acidophilus for yeast infection

The word bacteria might actually send a chill down the spine at the very thought of some disease. However, there are several billions of bacteria that reside in our body. All bacteria are not bad. There are bacteria which are good for the body and help the body in several ways. Lactobacillus Acidophilus is one such very important bacteria that works in our favor.

Why Acidophilus Is Essential to Your Health
Lactobacillus Acidophilus is an important bacteria that is good for our health:

* Acidophilus works as a natural antibiotic protecting our body from harmful bacteria that causes parasitic infections and also those which cause several kinds of infections like for instance urinary, vaginal and respiratory tract infection.

* Acidophilus has the power of producing vitamin B5, B6, B12, biotin and niacin.

* It helps in keeping your cholesterol levels under control.

* The bacteria also contribute to the digestion of food.

* It decreases the risk of colon cancer and thus, plays a very important role providing us several benefits.

Antibiotics work as an effective cure for several diseases, however, the damage that antibiotics can do to your intestines is tremendous. For instance a throat infection is cured with antibiotics but the antibiotic first passes through the GI tract of the patient before it actually starts working towards curing the throat infection. The GI tract has a delicate balance between the various bacteria and other organisms residing there. The antibiotic without making any kind of difference between the good and the bad bacteria destroys all bacteria in the GI tract. However, the yeast does not get destroyed with the antibiotic and with the bacteria out of the way, the yeast multiply rapidly and take up the entire place. This is the reason why it is observed that many people who are on antibiotics also develop yeast infection. It is important or essential to take acidophilus while having antibiotics. Acidophilus for yeast infection is a major preventive factor.

Acidophilus for yeast infection is very effective as acidophilus works against Candida and also Gardenerella. Gardenerella is seen to be a major reason causing vaginal bacterial infection. Acidophilus solution may be used for a vaginal douche for curing vaginal infection. Acidophilus for yeast infection is an effective cure even in case of a vaginal yeast infection. Taking acidophilus could also have an effect in treating vaginal yeast infection. Consult your physician at the earliest before the condition worsens.

Having antibiotics can also lead to urinary tract infections. Antibiotics destroy the bacteria both good and bad and therefore can cause repeated urinary infections. The cure that is prescribed for recurrent urinary infections is the acidophilus vaginal suppository.

Acidophilus thus, comes to play a major role in curing several infections in the body caused as a result of antibiotic therapy. From the above observations it is evident that not all bacteria are harmful, acidophilus does only good to our body. It provides tremendous benefits and cure from several diseases. It is a proven tried and tested cure for yeast infections.

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