Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yeast infection signs

Yeast infection signs may not be visible at all till a certain stage when it becomes chronic. You may at times not even be aware that you are suffering from a yeast infection. The symptoms if seen may at times be very confusing and you may not be able to actually know that it is caused by the yeast infection. The symptoms maybe the same as that of some other infection and may be hard to make out accurately. At the very first sign or symptom itself you must consult your doctor. This would help in making the diagnosis at the right time and your doctor would also be able to prescribe the right treatment for the same.

If you have made the diagnosis with the yeast infection signs on your own and would like to treat it yourself then drugs like Monistat may be of help. However, it would be better to try out some natural cure first for treating the yeast infection. Using medication for a prolonged period of time may make your body immune to it and thus, it would not react in the desired manner. The medicine may fail to actually have any effect. This is when natural methods of treatment can be more useful.

Yeast infection signs that are commonly observed include itching, vaginal discharge, rashes, pain experienced at the time of sexual intercourse, swelling of the vulva, soreness in the infected area and a burning sensation. Itching can be very irritating and can cause a lot of discomfort. Itching could be very embarrassing and thus, can have an adverse impact on one’s daily life as well. Use the prescribed medication, it would provide you relief from your yeast infection symptoms. Some natural cures for treating or controlling itching include applying Aloe Vera Juice on the infected area. Take a little in a piece of cotton and apply on the infected area. Some other symptoms or signs of yeast infection include pain experienced during sexual intercourse and also burning sensation while passing urine. This can hamper your day to day life causing a lot of discomfort and difficulty. The symptoms of a yeast infection must be treated at the onset itself to avoid any further complications.

Vaginal discharge is another sign of a yeast infection. The intensity of the condition or the type of infection may vary depending on the vaginal discharge-its texture and smell. The vaginal discharge may be odorless and milky white, it may have a very pungent smell, it may present in a very thick consistency or may even be yeast like in appearance.

Yeast infections must not be taken lightly. A doctor must be consulted at the onset itself so that you do have the required time for treatment before any further complications set in. In case you have been getting repeated infections then serious attention must be paid and immediate treatment must be started without allowing conditions to worsen further. Consulting a qualified medical practitioner would also confirm that the infection is actually a yeast infection and is not any other infection.

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