Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yeast infection due to sexual intercourse

Yeast infection often referred to as “Candidiasis” is actually a fungal infection. Yeast infection is more commonly seen in the vagina. The yeast infection due to sexual intercourse can affect a male too. It is commonly seen among men who are not circumcised. Studies have shown that a female has at some point of the other in her life been exposed to yeast infection cause due to Candida Albicans. It is seen that the yeast infection resides in the vagina. However, it is not known to cause any major harm. Yeast infection due to sexual intercourse is the most common manner in which yeast infection is transmitted. Unprotected sex exposes you to the dangers of yeast infection.

A wonderful act of expressing one emotions can actually be ruined with yeast infection due to sexual intercourse that is transmitted from one partner to the other. The yeast infection then can make this pleasurable act absolutely distressing with all the pain, burning sensation and itching that it can cause. The yeast infection due to sexual intercourse can actually harm the vulva, the labia and the vagina leading to the symptoms of itching, burning and also irritation making the whole sexual act a displeasure. It makes the vaginal area very sensitive and sometimes the woman may even experience pain on contact. Sexual intercourse would aggravate this pain and if there is no adequate lubrication it can only make matters worse causing severe pain and burning.

The risk factor of indulging in a sexual intercourse while undergoing treatment for a yeast infection is very high. The suppositories and creams tat are prescribed for the treatment of the yeast infection can have an adverse impact on the latex condom and the condom may burst. This can expose you to the risk of either pregnancy or STD (sexually transmitted disease). It is advisable to be patient and allow some time for the treatment to be completed and the yeast infection to be cured especially if you do not have a steady partner and are not sure of your present partner’s health status. Using a condom in such a situation is a must but do wait for the treatment to finish before indulging in any kind of sexual activity.

Unprotected sex with a woman who is suffering from a yeast infection can result in the male too being infected. While an infected man may not display any symptoms whatsoever if a woman has sexual intercourse with a man infected with the yeast infection then she would again be cross infected. It is advisable that both partners get treated for a yeast infection to avoid cross infecting and lead a happy satisfactory sexual life. It is important that both are treated at the same time so that each does not end up again infecting the other partner and you are able to put am end to this vicious cycle. Put an end to the yeast infection once and for all and enjoy a normal happy sex life without any tensions or worries.

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