Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Causes of oral yeast infections

Everybody now knows the cause of the most common oral fungal infection. It is caused by the yeast called Candida, which is also regarded as a normal constituent of the tracts, which are connected with digestion and vagina. Also known as Monilia, Candida is the name of a large group of yeast-like fungi. This type of fungus is also commonly found in nature. The particular yeast organism known, as Monilia albicans in this group is the cause behind ‘candidiasis’ also known as ‘moniliasis’. However one should also be aware of the four clinical forms of oral candidias, which are:

* Moniliasis or thrush, which is a smooth creamy white or yellow coating on any of the oral surface.
* Hyperplastic or chronic which is an extra tissue that cannot be wiped off readily. It might also appear as discolored due to the food or tobacco stains.
* Erythematous are the peeling red patches, which can be commonly observed on the palate and the tongue.
* Angular Cheilitis are red cracks, which can be seen developing at the corners of the mouth and is covered by a pseudo membrane. Sometimes it occurs with other with other forms of candidiasis and at other times it appears seperately.

The causes of oral yeast infections are also the most common reason for the burning and itching sensation in the vagina part as well as the vaginal discharge. It is also known by all that yeasts are most commonly found in the vagina of almost all the women-folk and can even overgrow at an extreme extent if the environmental condition of the vagina changes. Two main reasons for the growth of yeast in the vagina are antibiotic and steroid. One should also be aware of the fact that menstruation cycle, pregnancy, diabetes, sperm and birth control pills are some of the prime reasons that can lead to a yeast infection. One will be surprised to know that it is even a more common thing after menopause. In people who are suffering from a weak immune system these infections can go to a life-threatening extent. In this case the blood, eye, brain, heart and kidney are most commonly affected. But it has also been concluded after many researches that fungus can even grow in the liver, lungs and spleen. You will be surprised to know that oral yeast infection can also become the cause of inflammation of throat in those people who are suffering from AIDS.

The factors, which can predispose to the development of candidiasis, can be dietary folate or iron deficiencies. In fact most of the predisposing conditions can cause decreased salivary flow. It can also lead to decreased excretion of immunoglobulins in the saliva. Uses of devices in the skin can also cause oral yeast infections. High carbohydrate diet also increases the adhesive property of the yeast to oral tissue. It is suggested by the medical practitioners that you undergo proper medication to get rid of oral yeast infection.

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