Thursday, January 3, 2008

What causes yeast infections

Yeast infection can both be troublesome as well as one that causes discomfort. There are symptoms of yeast infection that can actually hamper our daily lives. For those who are actually suffering from a yeast infection you would know as to how difficult it is to cope with one. The itching, burning sensation and also pain during intercourse can cause you a lot of embarrassment and also create problems in your day to day lives. The very thought of the symptoms can actually be distressing. For understanding yeast infections and the line of treatment that can be used for curing a yeast infection we must first and foremost understand as to what causes yeast infections. Understanding the cause of the yeast infection would make it easier to decide the line of treatment for treating the yeast infection effectively.

It would be alarming to unravel the fact that the over the counters creams that are a treatment for yeast infections are what causes yeast infections. Prolonged use of the cream can make the treatment in effective and the cream may destroy the milder yeast leaving the stronger immune yeasts to multiply further. The yeast become immune to the creams and thus, does not respond to the line of treatment. The yeast become resistant and the yeast infection cannot be treated anymore with the over the counter medicated creams.

Having sex with an infected partner is what causes yeast infections. Every time a person indulges in a sexual encounter with another person who is suffering from a yeast infection he is in effect infecting the other person by transmitting the disease. A male with a yeast infection would 9 out of 10 times show no symptoms at all and therefore, this male would unknowingly infect his partner.

The use of antibiotics for a long period of time is another factor that causes yeast infections. The antibiotics work to cure a particular disease but along with curing the disease it also kills bacteria both good and bad. The good bacteria out of the way the bad bacteria can actually multiply and create more complications. The rapid growth of the yeast can cause yeast infection. Birth control pills and also cortisone drugs can be a causative factor for yeast infections.

Yeast infection may also be caused due to a number of other reasons like poor diet and nutrition, repeated douching and the changes in the hormone levels. Pregnancy, diabetes and also a poor immune system can result in a yeast infection. Any symptoms whatsoever must be communicated to your medical practitioner so that the yeast infection can be treated early on itself before giving it time to create any further complications. The sins of a yeast infection may be same as that of any other infection and so it is important to consult your doctor so that the right diagnosis is made. It is better to rule out any other problems or complication at the very beginning itself.

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